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Perseid Meteor Shower

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While NOVAC isn’t hosting a public night for this meteor shower there are a number of resources out there on the shower and ways to observe and if you are truly interested in doing things like staying out overnight past normal park hours or want a place to watch that […]

Astronomy Day 2016 Presentations

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The video below is the first of four presentations in the playlist of videos for Astronomy Day 2016. Thanks to our great presenters this year!

May NOVAC General Meeting – Special Topic For New Astronomers

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Starting with May's milder temperatures our membership increases as new folks join us. Those of us who have been observing for a while know that just having a telescope is not enough. Successful observing sessions are based upon experience. And that experience is what we should be sharing with our newest members as they begin their club affiliation.

Regional Star Parties Updated!

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Getting a jump on this coming years Star Party planning? Well I have started to update the regional star parties list as best I can based on updated links and what information certain clubs had available at the time. The page needs to have some formatting updated […]

Turner Mountain Site Improved

By | April 7th, 2014|Categories: Home, News|

Site owner Charlie Turner has recently completed two major improvements to the Turner Mountain observing site.

NOVAC members can go to the webpage to see the details of the new improvements.

Charlie invites all NOVAC members to come up and see the improvements for themselves!

Please join […]

NOVAC 25th Anniversary Speakers

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With the recent passing of amateur astronomy legend John Dobson, we’ve located a video of his humorous remarks to our membership at NOVAC’s 2005 Star Gaze. While doing so, we’ve also found videos of other major speakers that same year including Al Nagler, Phil Harrington and Rod Mollise. You can […]