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  • Turner Mountain Site Improved

    Site owner Charlie Turner has recently completed two major improvements to the Turner Mountain observing site. NOVAC members can go to the webpage to see the details of the new improvements. Charlie invites all NOVAC members to come up and see the improvements for themselves! Please join me in thanking Charlie Turner for his hard work on the site and for making the site available for all NOVAC members to use. Arlen Raasch Site Coordinator for the Turner Mountain observing site
  • NOVAC 25th Anniversary Speakers

    With the recent passing of amateur astronomy legend John Dobson, we’ve located a video of his humorous remarks to our membership at NOVAC’s 2005 Star Gaze. While doing so, we’ve also found videos of other major speakers that same year including Al Nagler, Phil Harrington and Rod Mollise. You can watch all their talks at this newly-created page.  Special Kudos to Mike Lewis and Alex Lim for their work in 2005 and still today for the club and Phil Wherry for taking the time to convert them up for us all to enjoy again!
  • The Ironman’s Tips for Staying Comfortable While Observing in Cold Weather

    It’s getting to be that time a year again! So I thought putting this info front and center would be good.   1.  No cotton or polyester/cotton blends next to your skin.  This includes underwear and socks.  Polypropylene long johns are excellent provided they’re thick enough, arctic-weight wool/polypropylene blend long johns are even better.  Because cotton doesn’t wick perspiration away from your skin, it quickly becomes moist and cold in cold weather, leading to rapid loss of body heat.  The same property that makes cotton great for wearing in hot weather can contribute to hypothermia in cold conditions. 2.  Dress in layers.  Many thin garments with lots of dead air between layers to trap heat are better than a few thick ones.  For observing in temperatures below 25 degrees, I generally wear the following: Wool/polypropylene or polypropylene longjohns (two pairs for subzero temperatures) Polypropylene sock liners Wool socks (one or two pairs) Flannel shirt (a synthetic fleece shirt would be even better) Jeans (synthetic fleece pants would be even better) Wool sweater Fleece layering jacket Down-filled bibs Down parka (rated to -40 degrees with the bibs) Balaclava Wool/thinsulate watchcap Wool fingerless gloves Pac boots (rated to ...
  • Regional Star Parties

    For you far out planners the list was updated with the dates of a few that are set for 2014! Star parties are an important part of the amateur-astronomy scene. Offering dark skies and astronomical fellowship, these events often attract hundreds of enthusiasts. Here is a list of several star parties in and around the Mid-Atlantic area. Contact Us to add one!
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