NOVAC Support to Regional Science Fair


For the first time in four years, students representing more than 300 projects gathered at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, VA on March 18 for the 2023 Fairfax Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Previous fairs had been held virtually due to Covid restrictions.

NOVAC members (pictured left to right) included: Charles Murphy, Kevin Black, Harlan Loomis, Carol Maxwell, Tom Frazier, and John Birch.  After arriving at Robinson High School at 7 am and fortifying themselves with coffee and bagels, the judges went to work.

NOVAC judges chose four projects as winning entries.  Students for all these projects will receive a certificate and a free one-year membership to NOVAC.   The students will also be invited to display their projects at Astronomy Day on April 22 at C.M. Crockett Park.  

Thanks to our NOVAC judges and congratulations to all the students!

1st Place: Ronit Kapur, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, The Effect of Gravity Darkening on the Atmospheric Dynamics of KELT-9b. 

2nd Place: Jenny Piao, Hayfield Secondary School, Kessler Syndrome: Investigating the Effect of Space Debris

3rd Place: Natalie Laclede, Edison High School, Making An Impact: Investigating the Mathematical Relationship Between the Impact Kinetic Energy on Crater Diameter

Honorable Mention: Stephen Aiello, Jordan Lindsay and Adrian Samayoa, Hayfield Secondary School, Effects of Distance on Star Light Intensity

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