November 2022 Night Sky

Mars image from NASA

For November, Jupiter and Saturn continue to impress in our skies, but the big news for this month is Mars getting ever closer and ever brighter as it approaches opposition at the beginning of December. Don’t forget the clocks go back an hour on Sunday, November 6 at 2 am which is great for us astronomers as it means more evening observing time!

On November 4th, the Moon will be close to Jupiter, flanked by Mars to its east and Saturn to its west.

No, not Mars this time but a projection of the upcoming lunar eclipse.

A few nights later there will be a total lunar eclipse beginning at 4:09 am, with the moon fully covered by 5:16 am and ending after the moon sets around 6:40 am.

The Leonoid meteor shower is is active from November 6th through the 30th with the peak on  November 17.


Calendar of Events

Jupiter Eclipse Events on Friday and Saturday Nights
Nov 11 5:21 PM Europa Eclipse End (S -5 J 129 28)
Nov 18 5:14 PM Io Eclipse End (S -5 J 133 32)
Nov 18 8:00 PM Europa Eclipse End (S -36 J 185 49)
Nov 25 7:09 PM Io Eclipse End (S -27 J 176 48)
Nov 25 10:39 PM Europa Eclipse End (S -66 J 245 33)

The Sun
Nov 13 will rise at 6:49 AM, will set at 4:56 PM

The Moon
Nov 1 First Quarter
Nov 8 Full Moon
Nov 16 Last Quarter
Nov 23 New Moon
Nov 30 First Quarter

Nov 6 EST starts
Nov 8 Mercury is in superior conjunction (behind the Sun)
Nov 8 Total lunar eclipse (partial eclipse begins 4:09:12 am, full
eclipse begins 5:16:39 am, full eclipse ends 6:41:36 am)
Nov 9 Uranus is at opposition (Earth between the Sun and Uranus)
Nov 17 The Leonid meteor shower peaks (active Nov 6 to Nov 30) (from IMO)

The Planets
Nov 13
rises transits sets
7:06 AM 12:04 PM 5:02 PM
7:17 AM 12:15 PM 5:14 PM
6:41 PM 2:13 AM 9:41 AM
2:38 PM 8:34 PM 2:34 AM
12:56 PM 6:03 PM 11:11 PM

The above calendar information was extracted from Jeff Stetekluh’s page here:
Jeff’s Corner

I encourage you to check out his regularly updated pages that contain detailed timings, events and magnitude information.

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