October 2023 Night Sky

Annual Eclipse 
credit: NASA

The big news this month is something you can appreciate during daylight hours – a partial eclipse of the Sun which takes place on Saturday, October 14th. The eclipse starts at 11:44 am.

See here for more details on timing and what you can expect to see in Virginia:
Eclipse Timing

A nice place to view the eclipse and learn some history at the same time is Sky Meadows State Park which will be holding one their Fall Farm Days:
Sky Meadows State Park

Remember to view the eclipse safely with specialized glasses or indirectly. There are ISO certified glasses available on Amazon, but be sure to check they are indeed certified:
Eclipse Safety

Here are Jeff’s calculations for this month
Jeff’s Corner

NOVAC Observing Report

Jupiter Eclipse Events on Friday and Saturday Nights
  Oct  1   2:24 AM   Europa Eclipse Start         (S -49  J 160  63)
  Oct  8   5:00 AM   Europa Eclipse Start         (S -26  J 249  52)
  Oct 13   9:03 PM       Io Eclipse Start         (S -30  J  95  17)
  Oct 20  10:58 PM       Io Eclipse Start         (S -52  J 121  45)
  Oct 28  12:52 AM       Io Eclipse Start         (S -64  J 174  64)

The Sun
  Oct  8  will rise at 7:11 AM, will set at 6:40 PM

The Moon
  Oct  6  Last Quarter
  Oct 14  New Moon
  Oct 21  First Quarter
  Oct 28  Full Moon
  Oct 14  Annular solar eclipse (begins 12:00 noon, maximum 1:19 PM,
            ends 2:39 PM)
  Oct 20  Mercury is in superior conjunction (Mercury behind the Sun)
  Oct 21  The Orionid meteor shower peaks (active Oct 2 to Nov 7)
  Oct 23  Venus is at greatest western elongation (Venus about 43 degrees above
            the horizon at sunrise from Oct 15 to Oct 26)
  Oct 28  Partial lunar eclipse (maximum at 6:09 PM)
The Planets
                       Oct  8            
              rises  transits      sets     
  Mercury   6:26 AM  12:27 PM   6:27 PM     
  Venus     3:30 AM  10:05 AM   4:39 PM     
  Mars      8:14 AM   1:43 PM   7:12 PM     
  Jupiter   7:54 PM   2:48 AM   9:39 AM     
  Saturn    4:53 PM  10:14 PM   3:38 AM     

            mag   diam  notes for Oct  8              
           ----  -----  ----------------              
  Mercury  -1.2   5.1"                                
  Venus    -4.5  28.7"                                
  Mars      1.6   3.7"  WSW, 6*                       
  Jupiter  -2.9  48.4"                                
  Saturn    0.6  18.3"  SE, 18*                       
  (* degrees elevation at sunset taking into account atmospheric refraction)
  (mag = apparent magnitude, diam = apparent equatorial angular diameter)
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