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April 2018 is Global Astronomy Month!

Throughout the month of April members of the public will be joining with amateur clubs around the world in this global celebration of astronomy.   Our own organization, the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC) will host its Astronomy Day event on Saturday, April 21st at C.M. Crockett Park giving members of the public a rare [...]

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Cancelled C.M. Crockett Public Night

Cancelling the public night for C. M Crockett Park scheduled for tonight. This is a tough call. Weather forecasts don't agree as of 08:00. The Clear Sky Chart forecast says skies will clear to 20% coverage at 17:00 and then clear completely by 19:00. Forecasts by WeatherUnderground, Weather_Channel and show clearing later with the [...]

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Cancelled – C.M. Crockett Public Night – 17 February

A nasty wintery mix of rain, sleet, freezing rain and/or snow tomorrow afternoon and evening isn't suitable for telescopes, astronomers or the general public. Hoping for Clear skies for future dates, Tree Greenwood Crockett Park Site Coordinator

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Public Event Cancelled for C.M. Crockett

The public night scheduled for 18 November is canceled.  Although the Clear Sky Chart[1] currently says only 50% of the sky will be covered by clouds, all of the other forecasts predict "cloudy"[2] or "mostly cloudy"[3][4] with a chance of precipitation.  DC television weather-guessers all agree it will be mostly cloudy tomorrow evening with differing [...]

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The 35th Annual NOVAC Star Gaze: Saturday, October 21

Join the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club for Star Gaze at C.M. Crockett Park on October 21, 2017 from 3 pm to 11 pm! You don’t need any astronomy experience or equipment at all to enjoy Star Gaze. Enjoy the wonderful views of the landscape and night sky from one of our local dark sky sites. [...]

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Cancelled – C.M. Crockett Public Night

Weather forecasts force cancellation of our Public Night again.  The Clear Sky chart[1] predicts transparency and seeing mostly as "Too cloudy to forecast".  As of 11:00 local time, all the other forecasts [2][3][4] predict mostly cloudy to overcast skies with a 15 to 50 percent chance of a thunderstorm or rain.  Conditions won't be suitable [...]

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Cancelled – C.M. Crockett Public Night

Strong, gusty winds will make conditions unsuitable for astronomy with portable equipment this evening according to the weather forecasts.  We don't want to disappoint the public with shaky views where they will see little if anything of interest. Weather forecasts agree that thunderstorms will be gone and the skies clear by or shortly after sundown. [...]

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Crockett Public Night and Messier Marathon is Cancelled

Unfortunately tonight's public night is canceled, the third cancelled Crockett Public Night in a row.  The astronomy forecast predicts 70 percent or more cloud cover and the local forecast is cloudy with a 20% chance of showers or drizzle.  Not acceptable conditions; nobody wants precipitation on lenses, mirrors or electronics. Hoping for clear skies next [...]

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Messier Marathon Event and Public Night @ Crockett Park

Here is a link to the resource page that NOVAC has been recording info on over the years. This years event is scheduled for March 12 2016 at Crockett Park.  Check the calendar and the front page for any updates to the event.

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