NOVAC eclipse chaser Lloyd Franklin captured this stunning image of the Ring of Fire eclipse on 10 June!

Lloyd Franklin captured a portion of the Annular Solar Eclipse (commonly known as a “Ring of Fire”), on 10 June 2021.   The path of annularity only traversed parts of Canada, Greenland, and Northern Russia, and wasn’t easy to get to, but Read more [...]
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Lovettsville’s 2nd Annual Mayfest on Saturday, May 25th

We are stil looking for volunteers, so am asking that anyone with the least inclination to pitch in and do some relief work to come and do so! Especially needed are any members with solar scopes, or those who have interest in promoting IDA or other Dark Sky initiatives. The Mayfest is a full day of old-fashioned family fun, including live music, local vendors, food and drink, and even a pie-eating contest! For more information visit
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Siebert 1.3X Optical Corrector

The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST) is a wonderful way to look at the sun in Hydrogen-alpha, and has produced a legion of new "solar addicts" in the short time since its release. One of the limitations of this scope compared to Coronado's higher end products was its inability to come to focus with binoviewers, even with fairly significant Barlowing.
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Coronado SolarMax 60mm Hydrogen Alpha Filter

You can’t go to a star party these days without bumping into one of Coronado’s Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) Filters. All it takes is one look and your hooked. Seeing the solar chromosphere come alive in Ha light is thrilling. I have had the opportunity to look through and compare the 40mm, 60mm and 90mm versions as well as a stacked 40mm and a stacked 90mm. When it came time to purchase one, I bought the 60mm.
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