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11012 Edmonds Lane Delaplane, Virginia 20144
Phone: 540-592-3556
Observing Field Coordinates: Latitude: 38° 59′ 27″ N Longitude: 77° 57′ 56″ W
Latitude: +38.990716 Longitude: -77.965460 Elevation: 868 ft

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The entrance to Sky Meadows State Park is located west of Washington, DC on US Route 17 North one mile south of US Route 50 or seven miles north of Interstate 66 Exit 23.

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Turn onto the park entrance road:
Drive west approximately one half mile into the park where you will come to the park gatehouse. On the back of the gatehouse is a clipboard. Each member must sign in with their name, number in party, date, and time.

To reach the observing area, follow the road from the gate house a half mile towards the historic Bleak Hill House site. On your left is the gate to the parking/unloading area for NOVAC observers. Pass through this gate and drive to the parking area which is just to the south of the split rail fence and observing area. Please park as close as possible to the split rail fence. The gate in the split rail fence is currently just leaning against its support posts. Please return the gate to the state you found it after passing through it. The observing area is between the split rail fence and south of the white picket fence which surrounds the historic Bleak Hill House. If you do not have heavy observing equipment to bring to the observing site, you may choose to park in the paved parking lot to the north of the Bleak Hill House and walk to the observing field south of the Bleak Hill House.
A view of the southern horizon from the observing area is available here. There are restrooms available to the east of the observing area.
To exit the park, pass through the same gates as you did when you entered until you get to the gatehouse area. Stop at the gatehouse and note the time you exited the park on the clipboard on the rear of the gatehouse. Then, exit the park through the exit gate and relock the gate if it was locked prior to you passing through it.
Below are live Google Maps showing the general layout of the park and the observing area. Clicking on a blue raindrop icon or blue rectangle will bring up a description of that area.
View Sky Meadows State Park in a larger map

View Sky Meadows State Park in a larger map