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///Speaker Schedule
Speaker Schedule 2017-11-19T15:12:59-05:00


Calendar of Upcoming Lectures


Date Speaker Topic
January 8 Jennifer Stern Chemical Ingredients for Life on Mars
February 12 Cal Powell A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Meteorites
March 12 Ed Witkowski A Survey of Open Clusters
April 9 Milt Roney Choosing LEDs for Street Lighting
May 7 Karl Battams Comets: From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
June 11 Bill Cannon The Sudbury Meteor Impact Event
July 9 Paul Butler Extrasolar Planets
August 13 Pete Johnson Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) for the 21st Century
September 10 W. Dean Pesnell SDO, The Sun, The Universe
October 8 John C. Mather The History of the Universe from the Beginning to the End
November 12 Dr. Russel A. Howard Observations of the White Light Solar Corona
December 10 NOVAC Members Show and Tell / Swap Meet


Calendar of Previous Lectures


Date Speaker Topic
January 8, 2012
Cal Powell A Survey of Star Atlases
February 12 Roman Shcherbakov Eating Habits of Sagittarius A*
March 11 Raphael Perrino The Dawn of Exoearths
April 8 Mike Summers The New Horizons Mission [Video]
May 6 Peter Gural Video Meteor Astronomy and Surveillance
June 10 Jane Rigby James Webb Space Telescope [Video]
July 8 Gary Hand The Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
August 12 Lori Feaga Cometary Exploration
September 9 Stephen Ramsden Solar Activity and Terrestrial Risk Mitigation [Video]
October 14 Larry Evans The Messenger Mission to Mercury
November 11 Show and Tell All are welcome to bring their telescopes
December 9 Tom Jones Earth-Moon Space: The Art of the Possible, 2012-2022 [Video]
January 13, 2013 Gideon Bass Kepler Studies of Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries [Video] [PDF]
February 10 Eric Douglass Types of Observable Lunar Craters [Video] [PDF]
March 10 Andrea Jones Mars Exploration Missions and Future [Video] [PDF]
April 14 Gianluca Masi The Virtual Telescope Project
May 5 Madhulika Guhathakurta Space Weather Storms: Not If, But When [Video] [PDF]
June 9 Will Marchant The NuSTAR Mission [Video]
July 14 Kirk Borne Big Data, Small World
August 11 Jason Lee Non-Polar Coronal Jets
September 8 (no meeting – AHSP)  
October 13 Bob Weigel An Introduction to Space Weather
November 10 Daniel Reichart Outreach Growth for Skynet
December 8 Show and Tell All are welcome to bring their telescopes
January 12, 2014 Sten Odenwald Mind, Space and Cosmos: Exploring the mystery of space and how we think about it
February 9 Alan Goldberg Big Data in Astronomy
March 9 Timothy Livengood Mars: A World Where Air Goes to Sleep at Night
April 13 Duncan Lorimer Fast Radio Bursts [PDF]
May 4 Gary Hand Amateur Astronomy: 1994, Today, and 2034
June 8 Exhibition All are welcome to bring their telescopes and binoculars
July 13 Kevin Quin Introduction to Astrophotography
August 19 Sean McWilliams Theory and Production of Gravitational Waves
September 14 Chip Sufitchi Beginning Radioastronomy
October 12 Shobita Satyapal Supermassive Black Holes
November 9 Bob Murphy The Moon in the Landscape
December 14 Joleen Carlberg The Fiery Fates of Exoplanets [Video]
January 11, 2015 Ed Witkowski Observing and Understanding Star Clusters [Video]
February 8 Greg Redfern The Future of U.S. Manned Spaceflight [Video]
March 8 Loren Anderson Exploring the H II Regions of Galaxies [Video]
April 12 Sten Odenwald Solar Storms: 2000 Years of Calamity [Video]
May 3 Alberto Bolatto Radio Astronomy with ALMA [Video]
June 14 D.J. Pisano How Galaxies Form and Evolve [Video]
July 12 Philip Graff The Gravitational Wave Universe and LIGO – 100 Years After Einstein [Video]
August 9 Marshall Eubanks Asteroid Mining [Video]
September 13 Mike Summers The New Horizons Mission to Pluto [Video]
October 11 Alan Goldberg Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets in the Earth Neighborhood
November 8 Bob Traube Astrophotography for Beginners [Video]
December 13 Sarah Hörst Titan as a Prebiotic Chemical System [Video]
January 10 Exhibition All are welcome to bring their telescopes and binoculars
February 14 Timothy Rodigas High Resolution Views of Planets and Disks [Video]
March 13 Mark “Indy” Kochte The New Horizons to Pluto [Video]
April 10 Cal Powell Re-envisioning the Big Bang [Video]
May 1 Show and Tell Accessories to Improve Your Astronomical Observing
June 12 Jim Chen How to Find the Apollo Landing Sites [Video]
July 10 John Higbee Classic Telescopes of the 1960s [Video]
August 14 Pete Gentile The Study of Pulsars to Detect Gravitational Waves
September 11 Marshall Eubanks The Upcoming Exploration of Europa
October 9 Tom Jones When Rocks Attack
November 13 Rebecca Ljungren
Decoding Starlight – Spectroscopy: History, How it Works & Applications for Researchers and Amateur Astronomers
December 11 Volunteer Appreciation Night Reception and awards for NOVAC volunteers


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