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I apologize for posting this information late. I just learned how to post using WordPress.

NOVACians, I am creating this site with two goals in mind.

One is to provide some highlights of each constellation for the inexperienced members.

My other goal for the more experienced members is I will be creating observing lists of NGC/IC, and Messier objects in the following three formats. The formats are Astroplanner, Excel and PDF. All of the files will include a list of objects with Right Ascension, Declination of each object plus other data.

I will also post the links to where I found the information for the highlights which right now are mostly from Wikipedia.

My plan is to update the site monthly. I will start with the constellations of the zodiac, I will present which ever constellation is high in the sky at an appropriate observing time for that month.

After that I will move on to other constellations that are visible from the northern hemisphere. As you can guess if I keep this up it will take a number of years to go through all of the constellations that are visible in the northern hemisphere.

If you would like contact me with requests or suggestions my email address is (jmcdonnell at cox dot net)


After speaking with our web master aka Chris Lee, I have been told that because of file size limits and file format constraints of WordPress I will have to host the files for you on my Google Drive. I have a folder on my Google Drive called “constellations” that I will put all of the information that I will be sharing with you. In this folder I will put a folder for each constellation with all of the links and files that I will be sharing.

Here is the link to the constellation folder.

I have uploaded the Orion and Gemini files that I talked about at the last meeting

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