Malcolm and Maggie’s Messier Marathon

  Messier Takeaways: Getting there is half the fun! I often found the Mag 5-7 asterisms, binaries, and carbon stars along the way during a starhop far more interesting than the actual Messier object, once I found it.

Vacation Viewing – Seeing the night sky in Utah’s National Parks

Last year my wife and I took a trip to Utah to visit several of the amazing National Parks in the Beehive State (fun fact – Utah’s state star cluster is, you guessed it, the beehive cluster). While hiking was the primary purpose of the trip, I knew the dark skies and desert scenery would

This Week In Space – 17 April 2022

Flying to the moon in 1972, Flying to the moon in 2022, big comets, and private flights – all this and more in NOVAC’s first weekly roundup: This Week In Space.