Meet NOVAC Member
Lisa Paradis
A recent new member, Lisa created a nice 2024 astro-calendar. Proceeds from sales support a charitable memorial fund.
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NOVAC Public Meeting 02/11/24 7:30 pm
Speaker Topic: Europa Clipper Mission
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NOVAC Public Meeting, 1/14/24, 7:30pm EST

Join NOVAC as we welcome Dr. Kate Russo, eclipse chaser, astronomy enthusiast, and by profession, noted psychologist. Embark on an interesting exploration of the human psyche with Kate, founder of Being in the Shadow.

NOVAC Public Meeting, 12/10/23, 7:30pm EST

Join NOVAC as we welcome Dr. Sandrine Thomas, Project Scientist and Deputy Director for Rubin Observatory Construction.  Dr. Thomas will be updating us on the development and construction progress of the Rubin Observatory and share the anticipation of grand, new discoveries that will be coming soon.  The Rubin Observatory, an idea which began in the

2024 Astro-calendar available!

Meet NOVAC member Lisa Paradis who created an astro-calendar inspired both by the beauty of our universe and her new-found hobby!  One night using her Celestron 8HD, she tried to capture what she was seeing with her cell phone and was amazed at how much more could be seen. That started her adventures in astrophotography.

NOVAC Public Meeting, 11/12/23, 7:30pm EST

Join NOVAC as we welcome Dr. Ann Zabludoff from the University of Arizona.   Dr. Zabludoff will be speaking on the sources of gravitational waves and describe how professional and amateur astronomers can work together to make new discoveries in this emerging field.   Here’s your chance to get involved!