Public Meeting: 6/11/23, 7:30 EDT
NOVAC welcomes Tom Reinert, President of the International Dark Sky Association
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Image Credit & Copyright: Max Alexander, STFC, SPL via NASA

June 2023 Night Sky

I have mentioned the lengthening days multiple times, but the longest is yet to come. The good news (for astronomers anyway) is that after the Summer Solstice on June 21st, the days will start to shorten. Interestingly, at our latitude here in Northern Virginia, the sunset times will remain constant and even increase by a

NOVAC Public Meeting, 6/11/23, 7:30 PM EDT

Join NOVAC as we welcome Tom Reinert, President of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).   Tom will walk us through the current state of affairs at the IDA as well as provide the very latest insights on the challenges we all face in preserving our dark skies for generations to come.

May 2023 Night Sky

It is already May, hopefully we have seen the last of those April showers and can look forward to some more clear nights. Speaking of which, here is a great resource for astronomical weather that the author finds useful: Astrospheric     There are lots of other sites with similar levels of detail, but not

NOVAC Public Meeting, 5/7/23, 7:30 PM EDT

Join NOVAC as we welcome Dr. Christopher Walker from the University of Arizona’s Astronomy, Optical Sciences, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aerospace & Mechanical, and Applied Math Departments.   Dr. Walker will describe the past 30 years’ of Antarctic’s “Gold Rush” – not mining for the mineral, but mining the rich vein of ultra-high frequency, terahertz photons

April 2023 Night Sky

Another month has passed, the clocks changed and the nights are getting shorter. We might have less observing time, but at least the temperatures are improving! Venus will continue to shine brightly in the evening sky this month and can be used to draw a line to the horizon which will pass through Mercury near