Sky Meadows Milky Way
NOVAC member Koutilya PNVR captured this image of the Milky Way rising over Sky Meadows State Park
Meadowkirk Outreach
John Kopecky, Jay Sonstroem, and Mike Rosa supporting outreach event at Meadowkirk, 16 July 2021!
Night Owl!
Peter Trahan captured this stunner at the recent Night Owl Star Party at Spruce Knob, WVa on 4 Sep


NOVAC imager Juan Marin Otero captures Abell 71 region in Cygnus

This region is in a very well known area of the sky, but its neighbors draw more attention from astrophotographers. Close to Deneb, at the opposite side of the North America and Pelican nebulae, lies this emission nebula complex. The whole region is quite strong in Ha, and very faint in SII and OIII.