Public Meeting, 3/12/23, 7:30 EDT
Join NOVAC and Pete Gural for a lesson on astronomical distances
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Public Meeting, 4/9/23, 7:30pm EDT
Join NOVAC and Dr. Michael Summers for an imaginative discussion of Astrobiology and the Search for Life Elsewhere in the Universe

NOVAC Public Meeting, 4/9/23, 7:30 PM EDT

Join NOVAC as we welcome Dr. Michael Summers and embark on a speculative journey in the search for life elsewhere in the universe.  Dr. Summers will discuss recent discoveries that have important implications for life across the universe and how we might carry out searches for that life.

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March 2023 Night Sky

February came and went quickly as it normally does. The days are getting longer and several interesting objects are beginning to compete with sunset for visibility before setting themselves. Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction on March 1st. If you missed it, they will still be close together on the 2nd with them drifting further

Dark Sky Week 15-22 April 2023 – are you ready?

Hello NOVAC!   As we get ready to embrace the international dark sky week from 15-22 April 2023, I wanted to share some of the excellent work that Eileen Kragie has done to raise awareness and get others motivated to preserve our dark skies.   Please enjoy her report and thanks Eileen!

NOVAC Public Meeting, 3/12/23, 7:30 PM EDT

Join NOVAC as we welcome Pete Gural and learn some of the basics on how we know and determine distance in astronomy.   Get ready to brush up on your parsecs, AUs, and light years – we’ll tackle them all!

Courtesy of NASA

February 2023 Night Sky

The much talked about Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) came closest to Earth on February 1st and is still very close for the next few days, though it will become harder to see as the moon gets fuller. Speaking of the Moon, it is full early this month on February 5th and the new moon is