What are NOVAC meetings like?

NOVAC General Meetings are typically held both in person and streamed live via Google Meet.  Always check the front page of NOVAC.com for location and link information for the upcoming general meeting as conditions may change month-to-month.   

Meetings start at 7:30 PM, generally on the second Sunday of every month, but check NOVAC.com for the very latest information as conditions may change.   The first part of the meeting generally includes:

  • NOVAC news and upcoming events
  • Member observing reports and general discussion
  • Featured speaker and Q&A

The featured speaker portion of the meeting will generally be given by an outside expert on a topic of astronomical or space science interest.  Throughout the year though we do schedule talks from our own NOVAC members on a topic of interest to the club or public.  We’ve had presenters from all aspects of astronomy including scientists from NASA and other premier organizations, cosmologists, and photographers.

NOVAC’s general meetings are open to club members and the general public alike. We welcome all ages and interest levels! 

Check NOVAC.com front page for the date/time/location of the next NOVAC general meeting!