Clear Sky Clocks

C. M. Crockett Park, Va

Camp High Road, Va (CHR)

Spruce Knob, Wv

Centerville, Va

Leesburg, Va

Blue Ridge Regional Park, Va (Savage)

Mason Neck SP, Va

Big Meadows, Va

Little Bennett Regional Park, Md

Tuckahoe State Park, Md

Washington D.C.

Cherry Springs, Pa





National Weather Service Forecasts

NWS Model Output Statistical (MOS) graphics (Learn more)

NWS Gridded MOS graphics. DC Area Zoom, WVa (goes out 7 days)

NWS mid-range model for probability of clear skies. (goes out 4 days)

NWS mid-range model for probability of sky cover. (goes out 4 days)

NWS longer-range model for probabililty of mostly clear skies

(goes out 8 days)


NWS Digital Forecasts

NWS Experimental Cloud Cover Graphical Forecasts (Northeast Metro Area)

Forecasts from local NWS forecast offices

NWS Sterling Weather Office (Virginia/Maryland

Current GOES Satellite Imagery

The GOES images have been updated with live images from MidAtlantic captures. Link to full page worth of options

High Resolution Infrared Satellite

Infrared Image / Infrared Image Loop


High Resolution Visible Satellite

Visible Fixed Image / Visible Image Loop

Local Weather Outlook

Area Text Forecasts

Local Forecast Matrices

Area Graphical Forecast

Experimental Forecast Images

NWS Charleston Weather Office (West Virginia)

Bob Bunge’s Seven Day Cloud Cover Plots from NWS digital forecasts

Dulles Upper Air Sounding Plot (Java applet)

Upper air soundings plot temperature and dew point of the atmosphere as collected by a weather balloon. A tutorial for reading these is available. For astronomers, these can provide clues as to the stablity of the air – how good will the seeing be? These are normally updated every 12 hours.

Real-time Observation Monitor and Analysis Network (ROMAN). Locate weather stations near a location and see the most recent data. A map of the region showing available stations is available.

Quick links to stations in:



West Virginia

NWS Experimental Smoke and Ozone Forecasts – Might be usable to gauge impact forest fires will have on transparency.

If you are LOST in all this data, perhaps the best single source is the NWS forecast discussion. Here, the duty forecaster at the NWS office in Sterling puts down their thinking process behind the current forecast. Find it here. A glossary is available here.


Astronomy Weather Sites


– Has stargazing section showing sky conditions throughout the day and night

Weather Underground, Middleburg Station

– Shows sun and moon rise/set times and has an interactive star chart