NOVAC imager Juan Marin Otero captures Abell 71 region in Cygnus


This region is in a very well known area of the sky, but its neighbors draw more attention from astrophotographers. Close to Deneb, at the opposite side of the North America and Pelican nebulae, lies this emission nebula complex. The whole region is quite strong in Ha, and very faint in SII and OIII.

There is quite a bit going on in this image, the framing was chosen this way on purpose to try and capture the three following objects in one scene:

  • Sh2-115 at the center of the image is an emission nebula that was
    catalogued by S. Sharpless in 1959 and lies around 7500 light years away.
    The core of this nebula has intricate details where all the elements
    captured with the narrowband filters are mixed, and it has an area rich in
    OIII that can be emphasized in post processing (here in blue color)
  • Sh2-112 on the lower left of the image is an emission nebula with a very
    interesting shape and color gradation. It lies around 5600 light years from
  • Abell 71 (or Sh2-116, center-right) has been catalogued as a planetary
    nebula for a long time, resembling a typical PN with a core rich in OIII
    with surrounding Ha. Latest research shows this to be an HII region

You can see larger versions and processing details at the following link



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