NOVAC’s Byron Bergert Imaging Group, Saturday August 11th

NOVAC’s Byron Bergert Imaging Group will hold its next Processing Party on Saturday August 11 from 10am to 1pm at the Providence Community Center near the Vienna Metro Station.  We’ll be in Classroom 1, which is upstairs past the registration desk.  As usual, we’re very low key:  come when you like, leave when you like.  You don’t need to be an experienced astrophotographer – or even an astrophotographer at all yet – to join us.  In addition to a processing demonstration, we talk about capturing and processing images and we share tips and techniques in an informal environment.  Please bring a laptop with any images you’re working on.  You’re sure to get a hand in processing them.
This month’s gathering will feature Special Guest Processor . . . well, me, actually.  Last month I collected some fairly straightforward LRGB data on M71, a loose globular cluster in the summer Milky Way, and it seems like a good opportunity for us to review the basic processing steps in Pixinsight.  In addition to the basic steps, I’ll explain how I did deconvolution on the blue data and created a star mask to protect the background.  I’ll post the stacked images of each channel tonight, and you can download it and follow along during the walkthrough.  You’re also encouraged to work on it in advance, and share your processing techniques with us at the meeting.
Please bring your laptop with any of your own data that you’re processing!  We’ll make a special effort to set aside a substantial amount of time to help anyone with images they’re trying to process.
The Providence Community Center is between Route 29 and the metro station, just west of Nutley Street.  There’s easy access from I-66, and it’s only a short walk from the metro station:
Hope to see you there. For those planning ahead, our next meeting will be in October.  I’ll let you know when we have a firm date.  And at AHSP in September, I’m planning to do a Pixinsight 101 walkthrough.  So plenty of learning opportunities in the next couple months.
The Hole in the Trees Skybox:
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