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5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, VA 20198
Telephone: 540-253-5001

Observing Field Coordinates: N 38° 49′ 53″ W 77° 48′ 19″ (N 38° 49.88′ W 77° 48.31′)
Coordinator: Ray Young



Great Meadow Site Events

Check member calendar for dates Great Meadow is closed (off limits to NOVAC)




Click on map below for full sized map with the route to the observing area highlighted in red

great meadow-2

Click the map below for a high resolution map with the route to the observing area highlighted in red.



Via I-66 West from DC — The exit from I-66 is exit 31 (The Plains exit; 9 miles past Haymarket), left turn (head south) onto HW 245 (Old Tavern Road). Go approximately 1.9 miles to the Pass Gate entrance on the left side. The Pass Gate entrance is across the road from where Old Winchester Road intersects Old Tavern Road. If you intersect HW 17 you have gone too far.

Note that all of the numbered gate entrances will be locked. Only the Pass gate at the intersection of Old Tavern RD (Rt. 245) and Old Winchester RD (Rt. 845) is open. The Pass gate entrance is directly across from the Old Tavern Corner Store.

1 . After turning into the Pass gate take the first (immediate) left turn.

2. Proceed on the gravel-dirt road for 0.2 miles and turn right (the third right turn).

3. Proceed on gravel-dirt road for 0.33 miles to observing area. For this 0.33 mile stretch, you go down a hill to the race track rail (fence) and veer left on the road which will take you around the race track rail (rail will be on your right) to the observing area. You go past a sign on the left that says “Rail Side Tents #120-132 Parking”. The observing area is in a little valley between the road you are on and the road to the east. If you go past a sign on the left that says “Rail Side Tents #133-138 Parking” you have gone just past the observing site.

4. You may park on the grass unless it is extremely wet and muddy.

Great Meadow Key Points

1.  Access to the observing site only for scheduled dates.
2. No camping.
3. Use designated observing area.