Meet NOVAC Member
Lisa Paradis
A recent new member, Lisa created a nice 2024 astro-calendar. Proceeds from sales support a charitable memorial fund.
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NOVAC Public Meeting 02/11/24 7:30 pm
Speaker Topic: Europa Clipper Mission
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Star Gaze 2023 – A Success!

Finally!   A clear and cool evening prevailed on 7 Oct 23 just in time for NOVAC’s Star Gaze event at C.M. Crockett Park, Midland, VA.  Read Carlie Kenny’s excellent accounting of the night’s events. Saturday October 7th, we held our fall annual event, “Star Gaze” at CM Crockett Park, the largest lakeside park in Fauquier County

October 2023 Night Sky

The big news this month is something you can appreciate during daylight hours – a partial eclipse of the Sun which takes place on Saturday, October 14th. The eclipse starts at 11:44 am. See here for more details on timing and what you can expect to see in Virginia: Eclipse Timing A nice place to

NOVAC Public Meeting, 10/8/23, 7:30pm EDT

Join NOVAC as we welcome Dr. Robert Parks, Assistant Professor and Deputy Observatory Director at George Mason University.   We’ll learn first-hand about the birth of new stars, interlaced with exciting updates from James Webb Telescope observations.   

September Night Sky

September is a great month for planets with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune all visible at various times. Venus, visible in the evening sky for so long, is now lighting up the dawn sky. Because of this behavior, it was originally thought by the ancient Greeks that Venus was two separate planets. The

NOVAC Public Meeting, 9/10/23, 7:30pm EDT

Join NOVAC as we welcome Dr. Alphonse Sterling, solar astrophysicist from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama.  Dr. Sterling is an experienced solar eclipse photographer and will share the tricks of his trade as we prep for the eclipses in Oct 2023 and in Apr 2024.