Next Public Meeting: 8/14/22
Join NOVAC and Eithne McDonald at 7:30pm EDT for a talk on NASA's Lucy Program - a journey to the Trojan Asteroids!
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Night Vision Astronomy
Corey Dallmeyer provides his review and experiences with the PVS 14 Night Vision tube - check it out!
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Public Monthly Meeting – Planets Big and Small

Planets outside of our solar system look nothing like our own, with most of these detected exoplanets falling right in between the size of the Earth and Neptune. How can we understand such differences? Join NOVAC and Dr. Eve Lee for a virtual discussion on Sunday, July 10 at 7:30pm EDT.  

Last call for NOVAC’s “Sweet Sixteen” telescope

About 21 years ago, a group of NOVAC ATMs (amateur telescope makers) led by John Avellone combined surplus optics into a 16” diameter Dobsonian. The telescope build effort was described in an article in a 2001 NOVAC Newsletter.  Continue reading for additional technical information and your opportunity to acquire the Sweet 16!

NOVAC Member Profile: Eileen Kragie

  Eileen Kragie is a new NOVAC member who joined in 2022. Read her member story below and be sure to check out her recent OpEd on light pollution in the Fairfax County Times. I’ve been aware of light trespass for decades as the gas station lights from across the alley from my Grandmother’s house

Vacation Viewing: The Lunar Eclipse from Starbase, TX

While much of Northern Virginia was shrouded in clouds for last weekend’s total lunar eclipse, I was fortunate enough to be under the crystal clear skies of South Texas. The trip had been planned months in advance to align two of my passions: rockets and the night sky. And what a trip it was. For