Astro-3D Print Group Meeting Coming Soon!

Hello fellow Astro-3D-printers!  In our next meeting Stefano Antonini will discuss techniques and plans for a 3D printed barn door astro-tracker that he and fellow NOVAC member, Chris Papageorgakis have been designing, taking inspiration from two similar designs posted.

If you’re part of NOVAC’s 3D print group please join use for the discussion on 11 Jan 22 from 7-8pm EST, using the link provided to the group via email.
In this meeting Stefano explain how a barn door tracker works, the simple math behind it and how it can be run using an Arduino and a stepper motor.  He will also describe the specific design he and Chris settled on, what print settings were used and some example images taken using the finished printed part.
If you’re not part of the 3D print group but would like more information, please send a note to: and we’ll get you connected!
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