ISS Predictions 2016-07-08T14:49:14-04:00
Subject: ISS Predictions

Following is a recent report of the International Space Station that I
made. ISS can easily be seen without aid if the weather permits. Sites
on the internet for getting orbital elements include (very current data from the Department of
Defense), (maintained by Col TS Kelso) and (maintained by Mike McCants). The last
site contains satellite elements of classified objects.
- Jeff Stetekluh   (

2018-08-17  3:37:09 AM

Station:    Stetekluh House
Latitude:   38 deg 51 min 10 sec N
Longitude:  77 deg  3 min 35 sec W
Height:     18 meters

Pass - From: Fri 2018-08-17  1:00:00 AM EDT
       To:   Mon 2018-08-27 11:00:00 PM EDT

Satellite            ISS           
Catalog Number         25544
Int Des               1998 067A  
Epoch                  2018 229.18446966  2018-08-17 04:25:38 UTC
Drag2                       0.00000327 Rev/Day^2
Drag3                       0.0000e+00 Rev/Day^3
BStar                       1.2333e-05
Ep Type                     0
Element Set               999
Inclination                51.6409 Deg
RAAN                       74.7152 Deg
Eccentricity                0.0005980
Argument of Perigee        65.2461 Deg
Mean Anomaly               41.0346 Deg
Mean Motion                15.53839246 Rev/Day
Epoch Revolution        12800

Semimajor Axis          6784.17 km
Precession              4.9853 Deg West/Day
Period                     92.67 Min
Apogee                    410.09 km
Perigee                   401.98 km

No visible passes found in this interval.