About Matthew Kenyon

Matthew Kenyon has been a NOVAC member since 2021. He supports the club's social media and web presence through articles, posts, and other original content.

Vacation Viewing: The Lunar Eclipse from Starbase, TX

While much of Northern Virginia was shrouded in clouds for last weekend’s total lunar eclipse, I was fortunate enough to be under the crystal clear skies of South Texas. The trip had been planned months in advance to align two of my passions: rockets and the night sky. And what a trip it was. For [...]

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My First Year With NOVAC

I joined NOVAC almost a year ago now. As the first anniversary of my membership comes up, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on what I’ve done in this first year. If you’re thinking of joining NOVAC, I hope this will give you a glimpse into just some of the things you can [...]

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