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Cancelled C.M. Crockett Public Night

Due to the anticipated snow, sleet and such for tomorrow night, as well as icy conditions that will be prevailing during the evening hours, we're cancelling the Public Night for Crockett tomorrow evening. It's hard to believe that Spring is just a few weeks away.  But, we'll try again at Crockett on March 21st.

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Great Meadow Public Night Cancelled

Observers - The weather reports indicate wind-chill temperatures for Saturday night in the 10 to 20 degrees BELOW ZERO (that's -10 to -20 degrees temperature) from winds that may gust as high as 50 mph! I am afraid that in these temperatures frostbite become a real threat, so I am cancelling the public observing night. [...]

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October 5 NOVAC Star Gaze

NOVAC invites you to the largest public star party in the Washington DC area. Learn about astronomy while enjoying the night sky with hundreds of telescopes, binoculars and homemade projects. Many experienced astronomers will be on hand to answer questions Read more [...]