Make a Donation to NOVAC via eBay!

/Make a Donation to NOVAC via eBay!
Make a Donation to NOVAC via eBay! 2017-10-13T21:36:00-04:00

Members and Friends of the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club,

Consider NOVAC in your charitable giving this year.  NOVAC dues cover a portion of the club’s operational costs.  Dues provide a solid base for our operations with patron and supporting memberships providing additional funding for our outreach and educational activities.  Your contributions in both money and volunteerism are the foundation for NOVAC’s success in meeting our mission  to observe…and to help others observe.

Another way to support NOVAC is by selling items you no longer need on eBay.  These items don’t have to be astronomy related. You may list items on eBay and ship them to the buyer with a percentage or all of the sales proceeds going to NOVAC.   eBay’s charitable organization unit makes the eBay listing and payment process through PayPal available to a wide audience of buyers with NOVAC as the beneficiary of the funds.

Here is a quick synopsis of how to sell an item on eBay with some or all the proceeds going to NOVAC:

Search to see if other people are selling the same item you are selling on eBay.  This will help in understanding the value of the item, interest in the item, and provide examples of successful item descriptions.  Under the Show only listing you can check the sold listings box to see the final sale price for items previously sold.  Take up to 12 pictures of the item to upload later when you generate the auction listing.

1) Sign on to eBay.

2) Click on sell an item.

3) Follow the screen instructions.  Below the Price and Quality settings is “Make a donation”.  Choose the percentage of the sale proceeds between 10% and 100% you wish to donate to NOVAC.  Click on the ”…select another nonprofit you love” link and search for “Northern Virginia Astronomy”.  Check the box, if you wish, to include NOVAC’s mission statement in your listing.  NOVAC will appear as a selection choice as you type in the search box.

4) Continue to fill in the rest of the item and shipping details.  Pay special attention to how you wish to take care of the shipping charges, prepaid or buyer paid.

5) During the process you may preview the listing or save the listing and continue later.  When you are happy with the listing, then you

6) Commit the listing to the buy it now or auction process

7) When the item sells promptly ship to the successful buyer.

Thank you for considering NOVAC in your charitable giving.

Clear skies,


Paul Derby, Treasurer
Northern Virginia Astronomy Club