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Meeting of Byron Bergert Imaging Group

After some hunting, we’ve found a time, date, and location for the next meeting of NOVAC’s astro-imaging group, named in honor of late NOVACian Byron Bergert.

Tentatively, we’re hoping to hold this on 23 May from 10:00-1:00, in a meeting room at the Loudoun County Public Library at 43316 Hay Road in Ashburn, VA. This is of course the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, but given availability of meeting space, it was the first option we’ve been able to find for a while that doesn’t conflict with Astronomy Day on the 16th, so we’re going to go ahead and scheduling it.

There’s not typically a really structured agenda; an important part of this is informal discussion. As a starting point for this session, however, Beth will be talking about solar imaging and processing techniques that she’s used for images she has sent out over the past few weeks to this list. Kevin Quin also may do an imaging processing walkthrough with PixInsight, unless another member has some imaging data they’d like to try and do a processing walkthrough with.

We’ve had a few of our past attendees indicate that they can make it, but newcomers are always welcome as well. This is really a low-intensity group; our aim is to make it really painless to join or contribute. If you have some astrophotography data you want some help processing, or something you’d like to show, or an imaging question you’d like to discuss, feel free to bring it up at the meeting–that’s what this is all about.

I’d be grateful for a quick e-mail if you think you can attend, so I can get a sense that this time will work, and make sure we have an appropriately sized meeting room. Also, if for some reason holding this out in Ashburn makes it impossible for you to attend, and you would be able to attend if it were held further East, let me know, since we may now have an alternate possibility for the location (though also at the same date and time).


Clear skies,
–Ken T.

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