Public Meeting
1:30 EST
"Tick, tick, tick, pulsating star,
how we wonder what you are"
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NOVAC Public Meeting (11/13/22)
Learn the History and the Art and Craft of Telescope Making
If you missed out, check our YouTube Channel soon!
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Public Meeting – 11 Sep at 7:30pm EDT

Join NOVAC astrophotographers, Mitch Stover, Chris Kagy, and Juan Marin Otero for a engaging discussion of astrophotography – how they got started, what they recommend for new amateurs, and decisions they made on gear selection, techniques, and targets.

September 2022 Night Sky

The big news this month is that Jupiter will be in opposition on the 26th and will be the closest distance to Earth in decades. We also have the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd and the full Moon on the 10th. This month’s full Moon is commonly referred to as the Harvest Moon due to

Alexandria Sky

August 2022 Night Sky

A short list of interesting events in the August sky with ‘x’ and ‘v’ shapes on the moon, Jovian moon shadows across Jupiter, Saturn at opposition and the Summer Triangle starting to become more easily visible throughout the night. Dates and times based on observing from Alexandria, VA. as predicted using Stellarium. Thursday, August 4

Public Monthly Meeting – 8/14, 7:30pm EDT

Join NOVAC and Eithne McDonald from Columbia University for a talk about NASA’s exciting Lucy mission – the first space mission to explore the population of small bodies known as the Trojans. These primitive bodies hold vital clues to deciphering the history of our Solar System and the origins of organic materials on Earth. 

Webb First Light Tech Forum

Join us for an informal discussion on the science and technology behind the recently released James Webb images.  These early images illustrate Webb’s amazing capabilities.   What do we know and how can we apply what we see to begin to address some of the popular questions in astronomy?