Comet Leonard!
Eric Snow captured our newest comet and M3 using his ASI2600, 8" Edge, and Hyperstar. Nice work Eric!
Sunset over Sky Meadows
Join us at Sky Meadows for our next public event on 5 Feb beginning at 4:30pm


NOVAC Member Sketches

Sketching the view seen through a telescope eyepiece has a long history going back to the earliest use of telescopes to observe the heavens, most famously with the sketches and notes taken by Galileo beginning around 1609.

October 30 – Star Gaze 2021

The 39th Annual NOVAC Star Gaze October 30, 2021 NOVAC’s Star Gaze event for 30 Oct 21 has been canceled due to the weather outlook.  Please check our calendar for other public observing activities in the near future!  

NOVAC imager Juan Marin Otero captures Abell 71 region in Cygnus

This region is in a very well known area of the sky, but its neighbors draw more attention from astrophotographers. Close to Deneb, at the opposite side of the North America and Pelican nebulae, lies this emission nebula complex. The whole region is quite strong in Ha, and very faint in SII and OIII.